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help ;c

So I have a Iphone 4s .. and i dont like it .. and im just wondering if theres a way I can switch my phone to the Iphone 5 or something .. if thats possible or if i have to get rid of it . Confuzed .

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Are you in a contract with the 4s or did you use the Tab? Depending when you got the 4s, you would just be using what Tab you have available at this point on the 5. You can bring in the 4s to see about a trade-in value to get a further reduction off the cost of the 5.
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Considering that Koodo has not sold the 4S for a while, you cannot possibly be within the 14-day return period. I wouldn't trade in your 4S as you'll likely get no more than $100 (if that) with the trade-in program. You're best off selling the phone yourself, then buying whatever you'd like.
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What don't you like about it? I ask because if it's something specific to your particular phone (some sort of damange to the phone or other specific problem) or if it's something particular to the 4s model in general, then by all means, sell it and upgrade to an iPhone 5/c/s, but if it's something you don't like about the general Apple OS or ecosystem, you might want to consider something other than an iPhone, like Android, Windows or Blackberry. Depending on what you don't like about it, people here can make recommendations.
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Humberto Giambrone wrote:

What don't you like about it? I ask because if it's something specific to your particular phon...

This is a good question. Is it iOS related? have you updated to the most recent iOS? If not, an update can drastically change a phone. iOS 7 is being released on Sept.18
Both Tyler and Ivan have a good idea... You can see how much is available on your tab, and also if you are eligible for the higher tabs like tab M or L. This could reduce the cost that you pay up front. But also see how much popular selling sites (like kijiji) are offering and then compare that to how much is offered versus how much is offered with the trade in. Figure out where you can get the most our of your current phone (or pay the least for your new phone)