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Help! $450 in airtime costs! I thought I had the unlimited package

English is not my first language. I have been with Koodo for over a year and have had the unlimited minutes package. Last month, I made a change to my bill which I thought was only to add 1gb of data. I did not realize that I only got 500 minutes with this package!

To my shock this morning, I saw that I am being charged over $400 in airtime!!! There is no possible way I can pay this amount, at least not on the due date.

I'm on a fixed income and there is absolutely no possible way in which I can pay this amount this month in full.

I would like to remain a Koodo customer, but if my service is disconnected because I can't pay the amount at once, then I will have to have my service permanantly shut off.

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You will need to contact koodo and ask for a payment arrangement.

You can send koodo a private face book message and explain what's happening.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with your English David! It's flawless!  As Chad suggested you can contact us for to arrange for partial payments of your outstanding amount. There are several months of past due amount so it's more than the four hundred dollars you referenced. What those arrangements can be varies based on your past payment history. Of course the choices are your, and you may indeed decide that you need to cancel your account. The outstanding amount won't go away of course, it actually speeds up things, as all of the amount would be placed on your last bill. Bear in mind that failure of paying the bill will impact your credit history and could cause challenges in the future.