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Hello, 1GB + 1 GB bonus for SE iphone

 For the current promotion for SE iPhone 1 GB + 1 GB BONUS; medium tab, 50$ per month does the 1GB bonus will be available for each and every month for the  entire 24 months contract? or is a 1 GB bonus once, until one will use it? I am asking because the 1000 minutes for international calling are available for free until one is using them; after that one will pay for international calls.  Thank you

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It stays on the plan for as long as you have it. Even past the 24 months. I was under the impression that the 1000 minutes is monthly as well. Were you told otherwise? By who If so ?
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The 1GB  + 1GB continues until you change your plan. 
The 1000 minutes long distance is renewed each month.
Hi, Thank you for the answer; I do not for sure where I got that that the 1000 international minutes are a one time deal, I believe I "googled" and people were complaing about the poor wording and that this is a one time deal.
So the 1000 free international minutes are renewed monthly?  I did not even know I had these minutes until I was reviewing all the plans online.  I signed up for my $50 plan at a pavilion and was not told about this so wasn't sure if I was able to use it.  Also it does not show up in my plan overview online so still not sure if it is included in my plan.
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Hey everyone! Confirming that the 1000 minutes are renewed monthly! The feature would show in the add-ons sections of your plan. Hope this clarifies things 🙂