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Having trouble tranfering to different phone

  • 17 September 2016
  • 3 replies

My son lost his iphone 4, I suspened his phone. My wife just got a new phone so her 4s was available for use, I bought a new sim card and installed it her old phone. I went on self serve to update phone but it never seems to get to the fourth tab - Confirm. When I check the phone it says Sim Card not proviinsioned. Any idea's on what I can do?

3 replies

I stopped by the telus store in new minas and it was that the the lost phone was suspendex. She called in and got it reinstated and I could apply the new sim card # to it then. Thanks
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Hey Frank,

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You may have to call in if self serve is not working properly. Tell them so they don't charge you the 10$