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Greece texting

So my bf is gone for 3 weeks in Greece. He is planning on getting a local SIM card to text me through SMS. However, will I get charge for sending him some back? How do I know if my plan lets me have free international texting?? Help please!

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Also will it cost me to phone him from canada?
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Hi there... Koodo offers international text messages, so within Canada you could text any country in the world... This is how you text: 011 + Country Code + Cell number If you use your Koodo Cell to call him, there will be a charge for every minute you make: 1.00$/min.
Is it free? (to text internationally)
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If you have one of the new unlimited texting plans, yes 🙂
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Keep in mind that while it might be free for you to send/receive to/from Greece while you're within Canada, it might cost them. They should ask the local carrier in Greece what their international TXT'ing rates are.
Alright thanks everyone. he's getting an unlimited canada texting plan on his end so that way it's both not going to charge us.