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Great service, but now needing to move on

Hi, I'll be moving to the States in December and will be buying a new phone, with a new plan and a USA carrier. I saw an answer to a question that I would not need to pay off my tab if I buy a new phone altogether. Is this the case? Or would I still need to pay off my tab? Is there a possibility of Best Buy or Koodo buying my phone off of me? What's the best way to save money in this situation? 

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You will need to pay off your tab. It will be charged to your final bill when you cancel your account. Koodo will not buy your phone, but Best Buy may take it on trade in towards a new device. The best bet is to pay it off and then sell it privately. You will get more for it than you would on trade in.
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You are usually better off getting a phone on tab if you intend to get a phone from Koodo before you go, especially if you're going in December. Koodo does sales only via tab and even regular price can be even just 50 bucks off, but it's still 50 bucks.
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Your existing Koodo phone will probably work with AT&T, T-Mobile, Tracfone, ConsumerCellular and some other US providers. You can check against www.willmyphonework.net

Unlocking will be free in Canada after Dec 1st, so do that before closing your account. When you leave Koodo, you will have to pay off the balance on any existing tab, but at least your current phone does not turn into a brick. You can also sell your phone privately on Kijiji if you insist on upgrading.

Start looking at the phones and plans with the US carriers. If you are a big user, it will be cheaper to buy your new gear & plan in the US.