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got phone in Feb phone won't charge keeps shutting off

4s same complaint as everyone else phones a dud

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Everyone has same problems what is with that any fixes in the works
Bought this plan and phone for granddaughter for school in case of trouble now what
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You would need to do a factory reset

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Hello Gerry.

Did you go to an Apple Store to see that everything's OK with your phone?
Yes can't do anything
They won't touch it at all
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If you got your iphone in Feb this year from Koodo, than it is still under Warranty.
See this link that has all details about your warranty;

And this paragraph would apply to you;
[i]Should you experience an issue with your iPhone, we advise that you first contact [i]Koodo support[i]. If your iPhone is deemed to be defective, and is in-warranty, you will be put in contact with Apple, where they will facilitate the hardware replacement process, if required.

So call Koodo at 1-866-99-KOODO (1-866-995-6636).
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I would definitely call Koodo as was suggested and see what they can do. I don't believe the phone is a dud as you said she has had it since February but does sound like the battery is done. Probably just need it replaced
Ok thanks will try
Home button is gone on it too
Called they said take it to apple store said to old and no parts
Called they said take it to apple store send away ask for loaner phone
They want their money right away but nickel and dime the customer
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No offence but it sounds like your grand daughter was a little ruff with the phone. Maybe it's time to teach her responsibility? Just a thought. Most companies won't cover carelessness and it's not really Koodo it's the manufacturer who sets the warranty Koodo just help to enforce it.
She is 15 uses it every day home key wore out she uses it in school
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yep and i am 36 years old used my iphone 4 for 4 years daily. Upgraded to a 5s and used it daily until i upgraded to a 6 a couple months ago and have never had a problem. I also have a 16 year old. he was given his first phone on me and was told if he didnt take care of it and needed a new one its his responsibility.
again she is 15 maybe she needs to take responsibility for her actions but that is my personal opinion.
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Used phones is like used cars, buyer beware because both industry's have no problems, selling Garbage products. Need only read about GM knowingly selling cars with ignitions that killed, how many people? As phones go, how about Samsung s2x and others that can't get through the day, with at least, one extra battery charge? And in all fairness, other than hitting the phone buttons against the kitchen counter edge, how does one, otherwise destroy the phone buttons, by normal useage?
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5s wrote:

Used phones is like used cars, buyer beware because both industry's have no problems, selling Gar...

Probably by pushing the home button to hard it happens
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Hello Gerry. 

I'm trying to understand if you went to an Apple store or not but not sure. You said they won't touch it at all...Why?