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giving long term Koodo customers bonuses for being a valued customer

  • 18 April 2014
  • 1 reply

When I started out using Koodo, Koodo killed all the other cell phone companies in value and service and with their many options for phones. But now the prices for "The Big 3 " and their subsidiaries (Telus and Koodo) all have the exact same prices and options. So why not reward the older customers of a certain level of years being a Koodo customer by offering them discounted deals on data add on, minutes added or 1 free day of USA text messages. Something to make the customer feel like they are being acknowledged for staying with your company for the many years. 

1 reply

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Well, they have the tab which lets get your next phone cheaper. I never really understood this expectation of getting something in exchange of one so called loyalty though. I had the same bank account, insurance company, cable provider, barber, mechanic and so on......none of them give me anything extra except the great service I first chose them for. When I no longer get that, it doesn't matter what they give me for my "loyalty", I'm gone. Same with phone companies.