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Getting Refund on my account

I have stopped (closed) the account on May 11. I have checked my account and I have a $48.51 credit. I believe I have requested the amount to be refund by cheque, but I have not received it yet to my mail box. Could you please check and please kindly proceed the refund cheque? And, I am away for awhile, but once I am back again, I am thinking to connect with Koodo again as long as you continue your great package. In that time, Can I recover this account/number again? Thank you very much.

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Hmm maybe an employee in the morning can see here but you can also send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter to get it sorted out. Since you closed back in May no there is no way. For future reference if you want to keep your number when switching providers you will have to be sure to port over instead of cancelling and opening a new account.