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Frustrating Experience

  • 11 August 2019
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I joined Koodo in June when there was a promotion of giving $10 off on each $50 plan for 12 months. I purchased two $50 plans with two $10 credits. Both credits showed up on the first bill, but somehow only one $10 credit showed up on the second bill. I tried calling the Koodo # so many times, but I had been sent to Koodo Assist. Scheduled 3 call backs, got three text reminders that someone would be calling, but no one called. Finally managed to get a hold of someone using someone else’s phone. Explained the situation, the agent said one of the $10 credits was stuck with a temporary number. He re-applied the credit, but he said the credit won't show up until the next bill - that means I won’t get it for my second bill. I was not quite happy with this, then I said this is really discouraging. if thats the way they do business - that they can take away the credit you signed up for anytime - I’ll probably consider whether I should switch to other providers. The agent said go ahead and switch, he said I’m not happy because the credit was not applied the way I wanted it be applied… but come on, I signed up for this for 12 months, I got it the first month, and it didn’t show up on the second bill, now that you corrected the mistake but said the credit won’t be applied until the third bill… where is the second bill credit? I don’t understand. He also threatened to take away the credit for the next 10 months, so I asked if I could talk to the manager, he then put me on hold… a couple minutes later, he came back and said the credit has been applied to the current bill as well. Thank you. I don’t know if he actually talked to his manager, but I will for sure consider his advice of switching to other provider. Not only because of this agent’s service, but also because it is hard to find a rep. to talk to. I should have still asked to talk to the manager before we hung up because it was seriously frustrating... This should be just an easy fix. Disappointed.

2 replies

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Sorry to hear that. There's no good reason for a rep to threaten to take away a credit, not that they can.... A rep will see this and hopefully the feedback will go forward.
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Thanks for the feedback, St. I'll share your account info. with our team and have them listen back to the call to see if there's a coaching opportunity here.

With regards to the credit issue. I do see that this has been fixed, and also applied to your current bill. To clarify, you wouldn't have lost your 2nd month credit, it would have just been delayed by one month due to the issue. You would still get 12 credits, to fulfill the promotion. Hope that helps.