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from nano sim to micro sim

I broke my phone Iphone 5s so i am using my old phone ( Iphone 4S) my old sim but I need it to be a micro sim. So I've gone to the Koodo kiosk and ask for a micro sim. I bought it for 5$. But when I inserted it to the 4S phone, it says no service. What will I do?

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You have to activate it in Self Serve. I'm surprised the rep didn't explain that to you. Log in, go to mobile phone section, and select swap device or something along those lines. Follow the instructions there.
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Hey Ruprecht! Did it work? Let us know!
The rep said I dont need to do anything. And he said that its the same number will be used. I tried the self serve but it still dont work

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It will be the same cellphone Number,   BUT you need to add the 20 digit number of your new SIM card in Self serve .  
Login to Self Serve>  Change phone> and choose " New SIM Card in my current phone"