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Force phone to use Koodo network instead of a local cell provider

  • 24 June 2016
  • 3 replies

I am in St Pierre and Miquelon and I was very happy to discover that I still get Koodo coverage here. I've been using it all day. However, a few moments ago, I walked to an area where the Koodo network was unavailable and my phone connected instead to the local cell provider. In order to avoid roaming charges, I'd like to reconnect to Koodo but my phone won't do so. It just keeps connecting to the more powerful local provider. I have an iPhone 6s and I've gone into the carrier settings and I don't see Koodo in there even when I take it off automatic. I'm back in the section of town where I've been using Koodo all day but still no success. Any suggestions?

3 replies

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If you don't see it in manual then your phone just doesn't see it unfortunately. You could try restarting your phone, toggling network on and off and see if that will help.
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St. Pierre et Miquelon are part of France just off the coast of Nfld.

Though an accident of geography, just like nearing the US border from Canada, your phone probably kept a connection to Kood's network when you arrived and when that died, you would have to rely on international roaming.

You could try restricting your network to 3G, which should shut down the local 2G availablity and see if you can re-tune to Koodo. Someone with expertise on iPhone could perhaps tell you how to do that.
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Best I can suggesti is to switch your phone to manual as you have described, and see if you can find a part of the eastern portion of the island with a strong enough signal to register as Koodo on your phone, then select it. Sometimes this can take a while , often about 15 - 20 minutes. You should then be on Koodo for the rest of your stay. Had you done this before departing NL, your connection should have been retained, at least on the eastern shores of St. Pierre, but now all you can do is try!