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For the iPhone 5s...$225 last week..$275 Monday..and on Tuesday it's up to $350?!?!

I convinced my mom last week to get the 5S for $225. I have the 5C and have been thinking about upgrading to the 5s, it took me a couple days to decide if I wanted to, but I decided to go for it. So Monday night I was in bed looking on the Koodo website and saw that it bumped up to $275, I wasn't too happy but I was still willing to do it. So this morning (Tuesday) I woke up and went straight to the mall all excited only to find out that now it's $350!!! I was even going to turn my 5C phone into a pay-as-you-go for my daughter. But the reps at the kiosk couldn't or wouldn't do anything to help me. I guess I'll be switching to Fido! I've been with Koodo for years and this is the thanks I get? I thought the new slogan was supposed to be "choose happy"?! I'm not happy!

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Sales come and go for every company, I don't think they could make an exception for one person as they then should do it for all. I'm still happy with koodo. 🙂 If you have a positive tab you can use it use that to reduce the price.
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Hey there Anna Let's handle those things together. As Rudy said, a sale is a sale. You can't do nothing about it unfortunately. Also, if you would've followed the recent rises in Apple product becasue of the US being so high right now, you would've known this was going to come soon. I'm sorry you couldn't decide before that. For your pas-as-you-go problem, the rep doesn't deserve a good comment about it. If you remember the date and place where you went (maybe the rep's name) you can file a complaint here : https://secure.koodomobile.com/account/appmanager/support/contactus. If you want to switch for postpaid > prepaid you just need to buy a prepaid SIM card and pop it in your cellphone. You then activate it online and the job is done!
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Yea that was bad for the kiosk since it would be so easy to sell you prepaid sim and have you activate online. If you want to leave to Fido based solely on customer experience, I support you 100%. Just dont leave because of a phone pricing. If you look clearly, Fido also raised their iPhone prices too. Koodo is a stupid $21 more expensive for the phone. But $229 price Fido has is based on a Max agreement which is the same as if you were to go on a Tab L plan with Koodo (which would make Koodo's phone $250). I think the price you saw before was the Tab L price. And since there is a Tab M sale, the price looked like it skyrocketed. However it is true that Apple iphone prices have increased overall due to the US dollar as Robert pointed out. If anything, Wirelss carriers (all of them, not just Koodo) held off on price increases a little bit after Apple jacked all their prices in Canada