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For people who were forced to buy an iPhone 4 when the iPhone 4S was unavailable

At one point the iPhone 4S was unavailable and I was forced to get an iPhone 4, it would be nice if they could replace the 4 with the 4s

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I wish Koodo can do that, the problem is that Koodo discontinued Iphone 4S
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You could replace it with version 5 but... it'll cost you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 😞
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I think the exchange they offered for having only the iPhone 4 and 5 is that the 4 is currently at the best in-market price. Virgin hasn't even matched it! It's Koodo's 3rd best selling phone across Canada (according to my field rep). Get either an unlocked one or one on Telus (works with Koodo) secondhand on something like Kajiji or Ebay. See if your friends are selling theirs. There's more - and most likely cheaper - options besides going through a carrier.