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First time Iphone user - register?

I thought I registered last week but am being prompted that registration did not complete. Do I also have to register with Telus? The Koodo Ipad was bought at Best Buy, West Hills, Calgary, on June 17th. Please let me know how to proceed with registration and paying monthly fee. Thank you! Barbara Mannion

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Barbara, can you give a little more details so we can help you? This is a customer forum ( a really good one) not a direct line to koodo necessarily.

So, you are saying you bout an iPad at Best Buy ? There is no Koodo iPad. If you want to use your iPad for accessing the Internet, koodo doesn't currently have data only plans. Plans are predominantly for cellphones.
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My bad....I just noticed you said iPhone in your title.... Is it their self serve (to manage your account) registration you are talking about?
please send me an email so that I can register my new and first Koodo Iphone with Telus. I have registered with Koodo. email is barb.mannion8@gmail.com Thanks
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Barb this is a public forum, 99% of people on here are not Koodo employees. If you want to register your iPhone with Telus you'll have to contact Telus. If you're trying to use it with Koodo, and you're trying to register for Self Serve (another way I interpreted your message) that can be done at this link. https://secure.koodomobile.com/account/Registration.portal