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Extreme Data Usage

 in 7 days I have used up 1500MB of data. Im checking the Data Usage report on the koodo website and its showing a very unusual usage of 800MB at 5:50am when I am not using my phone and I am at home connected to my Wifi. On different dates is showing this same extreme usage at 5:50am in the morning. I am away from WIFI for around 2hrs during the day and I only use whatsapp, and instagram, no videos (i have made sure that videos dont play unless I am connected to wifi.
This usage is extremely unusual an unacceptable. What is going on?

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if your using an android device checking data usage and see if you can restrict what ever is using the extreme amount of data
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Hi Miguel,

If you leave cellular data enabled while on Wi-Fi, there is always the chance that the Wi-Fi connection could fail and cellular data takes over to resume the data connection. When you're away from Wi-Fi for those two hours, again with cellular data enabled, location based social media apps for example, will use data unless you go through each app and turn off cellular data for those apps.

You should be able to see which app is consuming the amounts of data you mention. Also, check System Services as well. To view the cellular data usage for your apps, tap Settings > Cellular. You can turn cellular data on or off for each app.