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I was at your Intercity Kiosk tonight in Thunder Bay. I was helped by Mark 893502. I was inquiring about purchasing an I Phone 5c and am a novice and needed much help. I was made to feel very comfortable and the knowledge and thorough explanations really helped me out so much. I have been with Kooko for just over 3 years and I am happier as each day goes by. Mark took a lot of time in helping make sure I got what I wanted and also needed. I never felt like I was being rushed in any way. Marks personality is outstanding and has a wonderful smile to go with it. I greatly appreciate my new phone and if any questions are ever needed to be answered I will go back to Mark and also Justin 887327 who also helped out in transferring my contacts for me. Both men were extremely patient and very courteous and when I left I felt very happy about whole experience. These two men just deserve a raise. No other way to say thank you.

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It warms my heart when I hear of others' positive experiences. Thats's awesome Pat! If you ever have a question in the future, the community is here to help. 🙂
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Thanks for the for the wonderful compliments Pat! We will make sure to reach out to both Mark and Justin about your experience.
Hey Pat, Justin here! Thank you soo very much for the kind words! Both Mark and myself were MORE than happy to help you guys out at the kiosk yesterday evening! If any further questions need to be answered by all means don't be shy 😉 It warms both of our hearts that you truly enjoyed your experience with us yesterday! Thank you sooo much! Regards, Mark and Justin Koodo Mobile Intercity Shopping Center PS. We're both more than willing to accept that raise proposal 😉