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evening and week end?

how do iknow if my plan includes ulimited evenings & weekend calling? i have an iphone 4 on tab small witch is 24.86$ per month. and if i do have this is it unlimited calling only after 5pm every day or after 5pm on weekdays and on week ends all day? Thanks

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What plan do you have? When did you get it? Log into selfserve and click on the " Plan and Add-ons" then Plan. It will tell you if you have the unlimited evening and weekend. Also what time your evening start. It is unlimited calling from 5 or 7pm to 8am, Monday through Thursday. And 5 or 7pm Friday to 8am Monday
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You can check the included features of you plan on Self Serve, that will tell you if evenings & weekends are included and, if so, when they start. If you do have evenings & weekends they start a whichever time and end 8 AM the following morning, the weekends will start Friday evening and end Monday morning.
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Self Serve > Plans and Add-ons will tell your details about what your plan includes. It will either be unlimited 7pm/weekends or unlimited 5pm/weekends, or even unlimited calling if that is what you have.