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England with iPhone, how to turn off everything

I have an iPhone 5s going to London next week. Is there any way I can keep wifi and the gps part of the phone ( maps) still on? I know o can put it in airplane mode but I don't think I'll be able to see where I am via gps. Not sure about taking the sim out- don't know how to open the phone up unlike my android. Help!

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Hi mamartin,

GPS will only work if you have an app that allows for offline map access. The best way to test for that is to put your phone on airplane more and see if you can see where you are. Google maps will not work, and it will most likely be a paid app that will have this type of functionality

As for the iPhone's SIM card, here is a link from Apple's support side explaining how to remove the SIM card. 
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mamartin wrote:


No problem, enjoy your trip!