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Enable the new WiFi Calling iPhone feature for better audio in more places

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Apple announced a new WiFi calling feature in iOS 8. It let's calls happen through the carrier, but over WiFi. It improves audio quality and all but guarantees reception at home, in cafes, or at work or school.

iOS 8 also has VoLTE, Voice over LTE. It sends call audio data over LTE, increasing clarity. Visual Voice Mail has also been around for a while, but only as an add-on for Koodo. Does Koodo have HD Voice as well? There's also the upcoming Apple Pay feature which could be used by Koodo to accept bill payments in-store (or kiosk) or in-app when the service launches in Canada. 

The iPhone support on Koodo is what kept me from Wind Mobile. Now that Wind mobile supports the iPhone (but not on a tab), Koodo needs to keep superior iPhone support to keep iPhone customers. Adding theses features as standard, and dedicating to the best support for new iPhone features not available on Wind is a great way to differentiate and beat the competition as the number of possible carriers increases.

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My 3 year contract will finally be ending in Dec, at that time I will get a new phone with WiFi calling and will be shopping for a privider that will support. I have no cell reception inside my home. I hope that Koodo will support.
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There is no carrier in Canada that currently supports VoLTE or the WiFi calling feature that is available in the new iPhone6. This is a huge infrastructure build to make this happen. I'm sure they will be doing it, however it is going to take some time. Maybe later in 2015?