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E-bill payment Unsecure??

  • 13 July 2014
  • 6 replies

When I go to pay my phone bill online, there is no security padlock in the browser line, only a warning sign. I am reluctant to put in personal details without knowing how secure this site is.

6 replies

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I have the security padlock in my browser line... what kind of browser are you using?
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Yeap, the site is fully secure Sherry. I get the padlock to plus the https domain.
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Hmmm not for me. Every other page has the lock but not the one where you enter your cc details I have a feeling it may be a framed web page and the area where the cc info is entered isn't the main frame. So the website is displaying secure and insecure content.

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In contrast here is a secured page:

It looks like it's the favicon which is loading from a non-https source and causing the exception. We'll have to take care of that. The page is secure, though (we're fully PCI compliant).
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And I've heard no one complain about fraud while paying koodo!