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  • 25 November 2014
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does koodo bring back the double data plan every year in barrie ontario ? if they do they should really bring it back for christmas 2014! ik i would stay with koodo and get a new iphone if they did! pleaseeee bring it back!!!:/

9 replies

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Well I mean...you can change your plan anytime you want with Koodo (assume you are on Tab S/M), why not sign up now and change it later when a promo comes...
Well I mean...you can change your plan anytime you want with Koodo (assume you are on Tab S/M), w...i am a student an i need to pay my own bill..i want 1gb of data but i cant continuously pay 65$ tab M cuz it too much for me:/ so the double data is sooo beneficial and i really hope it comes back at christmas..i would get it in a heart beat!
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My double minutes and data plan was offered the 2nd week in December 2 years ago. I snapped it up. I monitor the prices regularly and I have never seen a better plan for my needs since. But if my experience holds true, look for deals on phones at the beginning of December and deals on plans two weeks before Christmas. Fingers crossed!
so there hasnt been a double data plan within the last 2 years? yea i keep checking regularly to see if anything comes up:) thanks!
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There has been one last year if I remember well!
was it around christmas time? do you think there will be on this year?
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There is nothing sure. And I can't remember when it was exactly. Sorry! Keep checking their site twice a month or sites like RedFlagDeals where people report new deals for everything!
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Janie, I already answered your question above: Deals on plans at Christmas, 2013 were not nearly as good as the deals in 2012 (and in early 2013). However, there are deals and they generally show up the 2nd week of December. Deals on phones occur more often, since they pull in more new customers. I expect some phone deals to show up within the next week. (There -- I made a prediction, lol!)