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Does the 2$ data block with picture messaging block my wifi?

  • 11 September 2019
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I have an iphone 7 with a basic 25$ month plan - unlimited texting and unlimited calling. I am thinking of adding the 2$/month data block with picture message so I don't get surprise data usage charges, but can still send picture via MMS texting. However when I am home, I connect my iPhone to my home wifi internet. With this data block option in place, will I still be able to use my home wifi to use apps, go on the internet, etc.?

2 replies

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Short answer is No. The data block add-on controls cellular data at Koodo end. It has nothing to do with Wifi. You can use wifi normally.

Btw, I woukd keep questions in one topic https://community.koodomobile.com/iphone-81489/sending-picture-texts-via-iphone-7-without-a-data-plan-7795412

If you are worry about overage, you might want to look into prepaid. $25 give you unlimited calling/text and 500mb of data. Public mobile even give out 1gb of data (3G with autopay).
thanks for the answer. I don't think I can change my plan or carrier. I just signed on this Saturday and took on the 25$/month plan but I actually pay 35$/month for 2 years because I got the iphone 7 (32 gb) 'free' + a 250$ Wal-Mart gift card. I will keep prepaid in mind when my term ends. Plan options will probably be a lot better in 2 years also.