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Does koodo still sell iPhone 5?

  • 27 June 2014
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Hi! I realize apple discontinued the iPhone 5 and 4.. But is there any way I can get my hands on an iPhone 5? They must have them in stock or something 😞 Sorry if I sound stupid Thanks!

4 replies

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Nope sorry there's no iPhone 5 devices available from Koodo and chances are from any other carrier as they were discontinued nearly a year ago so any stock that was left would have been sold out ages ago. The 5c has taken its place and is the only model comparable you will find as its the iPhone 5 exactly just with a plastic casing. You can try to find a used one on Kijiji or Craigslist ect but that's about it.
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Nope sorry there's no iPhone 5 devices available from Koodo and chances are from any other carrie...Just to change something here. The 5c is a little larger so cases specifically for the 5 will not work, as well, the battery in the 5c is slightly larger so it has a bit of a better battery life. http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/iphone/iphone-faq/differences-between-iphone-5c-iphone-5s-iphone-5.html
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Yeah and just to add to what Paul said, while it's possible sometimes for older discontinued stock to stick around in stores for a while, it's usually the not popular brands/models. Unfortunately the iPhone is popular and probably didn't last much past it's September discontinue date in really any store.
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Just to add the 4s is still a great phone if you don't want to jump up in price another few hundred to go with the 5. It's only an icon smaller. It may even be better to get a nice stereo with the 4s 30-pin connection cause they are all one sale right now a lot for hundreds off. You would have to get the adapter for 40 bucks in the future but for now it is great. Just maybe don't upgrade the ios on the 4s.. Or look into it first.