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Does Koodo provide loaner phones free of charge if the phone is being sent in for repairs?

Hi, So I have an iPhone 5 that qualifies for the sleep button recall program. I took it into Apple to have it sent off for repairs, but they told me they had no loaner phones available. I also called an authorized reseller in my city, but they were also out of loaner phones. The rep I spoke to from Apple told me that they couldn't call me when they would get loaner phones in, and that I had to call them. So I called the Apple store today, and spoke to a totally clueless employee who informed me that he couldn't tell me whether or not they had any loaner phones in. So I'm wondering if Koodo will provide me with a loaner phone free of charge while my iPhone is being sent away for repairs, since Apple seems completely incompetent in this regard. Thanks!

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No, Koodo doesn't even offer loaner phones to my knowledge. Last time I did a repair, I was sent to the service house (Samsung) without a loaner phone...
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Koodo does have loaners but it depends on what's in stock at the time. However, Apple has tight rules. They are the only ones who have authorized servicing for iPhones. Carriers can't even send them out to the designated place since Apple has their own retail and service store, unlike most of the other OEMs. You'll have to deal with Apple for this one, sorry.
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Jonathan I wrote:

Koodo does have loaners but it depends on what's in stock at the time. However, Apple has tig...

Not exactly. I know for a fact Telus does warranty work on iPhones (I did this years ago and have had family/friends do it too). But to answer your question Hailey I don't think Koodo would give you a loaner if you weren't doing the warranty process through them. Since it seems you've already initiated it with Apple you're likely out of luck.