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Does koodo have iPhone 5S 32Gb. or will i have to buy an unlocked phone from apple.

I am looking to update my phone to an iPhone 5S 32GB but i want to stay with koodo because the plans are so cheap! i try and look for other plans with other carriers that carry the phone but the cost for a similar plan that i am currently on now is $85 compared to $60, and i do not want to buy an unlocked phone from apple because it is too much for me to pay up front.

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Koodo only carries the 16GB version
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Hi Karlana,

Unfortunately the iPhone 5S that Koodo offers is only the 16GB model as Dennis mentioned. The added benefit of purchasing an unlocked phone and bringing it to Koodo is that you would qualify for the 10% no tab discount on your monthly plan. Those would be the only options you'd have if you chose to stay with Koodo, but at least you definitely have options available to you.

Hope that helps 🙂