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Does a pre-existing Koodo plan made in one province work in another province if I move but keep my old existing address?

So. I've got a Koodo plan in SK. Keeping my address there, but moving to BC for one year. Can I keep my SK plan/number (Heavyweight) without paying extra fees? 

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Yes. Just don't mention this to Koodo customer service. 😉 You are allowed to have any address (assuming it's not a fake one) or number you want. When it comes to your plan; most reps won't even care about it since you are keeping your SK number and address, but there might be some (very few) who want to "protect" their beloved employer.
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Been told several times by contributors here, some of them employees, that billing goes according to your phone number. If you pass the credit check when setting up an account and put yourself on autopay with a valid credit card whose address does not change, then you are free to roam wherever you want in Canada, especially since your move is only temporary. Of course, your new neighbours, employer and friends in your new location will be paying long distance to call you, while the folks from back home are still just a local call away.