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Do you offer iphone 5S with 32GB?

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Unfortunately, Koodo only offers the iPhones with 16GB of memory, Claire 😞 You'd need to buy it from Apple direct... though I do realize how much money that would be!
Also if you buy it form Apple and bring it to Koodo you will get 10% off on your monthly bill
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There are some advantages to paying more and getting it direct from Apple. The 10% monthly bring your own phone discount was covered already. If you were planning on getting a Tab M or Tab L you'ld already save another 5 or 10 dollars a month respectively. If you were planning on a Tab L you would end up with a better plan BYOD. Buying the phone from Apple means your phone is unlocked and compatible with almost every carrier in North America (and more around the world) so if you travel you're able to get a local sim. It also ups the resale value if down the road you want to get something different. You get the color choice of Silver or Gold instead of having to get Grey at Koodo. One way you could make a 16GB work is iTunes match. If music was going to be your big reason for needing more storage, iTunes match puts all of your music into iCloud. It costs $28 a year but that's still cheaper than buying a bigger phone. The downside here is if you take a small data plan you wouldn't want to get your music unless you were on wifi.