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Do you give a discount to your Deaf customers who don't use voice minutes?

My mom is finally free of her terrible contract with Rogers and is looking for a new provider. She is Deaf and doesn't need or use voice minutes. Her phone is her lifeline by text and email. She wants a newer iPhone (5s maybe?) with a bigger screen because she has arthritis but can't afford more than $60/month on her limited pension and disability pay. Can you beat Rogers' crappy customer service?

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Hey Christa! There's a prepaid plan for $15 every 30 days and it includes just unlimited texting within Canada and internationally as well.
My mom wants a new iPhone and is hoping to get it for a subsidized amount. Do you have contracts for that?
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Yes, but the plans are basically fixed. There's no way to separate the minutes out of the subsidized plans with a discounted rate. The iPhone 5S is currently $350 down with a Tab plan. You'll pay the base plan +$15/month for the Tab (subsidy on the phone) for 24 months, when the Tab is paid off, or you cancel early, upgrade, etc. The plans are shown here: https://www.koodomobile.com/rate-plans
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The new comparative arithmetic: If she can set her sights a little lower, the Moto E is available on both pre-paid and monthly plans). Prepaid: phone costs 218 up front. Monthly charge $15. So over 24 months the total cost is (24 x 15) + 218 = $578. or a little over $25 per month plus tax. She is not paying for any voice services. Can still dial *911 in an emergency (to be verified). Monthly: Tab is $7 with 0 up front. Monthly charge $28. So 24 month total cost is (7 + 28) x 24 = $840. or $35 a month plus tax. Paying for voice services she will not use EXCEPT for the fact that she can now speed-dial any number of contacts in case of an emergency. You DID say the phone is her lifeline. In terms of choosing a phone, I would pick something that YOU are familiar with, as you may well be the resource person to solve problems due to her disability. Easier to answer a text about "how do I..." if you have experience or a similar phone. Just my 2 cents worth when dealing with seniors... Good luck.