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Do iPhones interfere with other devices?

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Has anyone else noticed this? My wife and I first noticed this a few years ago when she was connecting to wifi at school with her laptop, she was checking her email and then someone with an iPhone sat in the seat nearby and she immediately lost her connection to the school's wifi router. A few weeks later, the same thing happened and at the same time another student looked up from his computer because he lost his connection too. Later we were visiting my wife's parents, all four computers in the house lost the connection to the wifi router when my sister-in-law turned on her iPhone, she turned off wifi and every computer connected again. Now I've been noticing LTE devices not getting LTE when the iPhone 5 next to them is, and when you diable LTE on the iPhone the other device connects. Does the iPhone interfere with other devices or hog the signal or something? Or am I just crazy?

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I've never heard of this, that's interesting though. can't wait to hear some responses on this.
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Hey Curtules, I know with routers there can be a limit as to how many wireless devices are connected so that might explain the the school/parent's house. Myself I haven't heard of Iphone being a hog for the network. My girlfriend has an Iphone4s and her's has never done anything to our network at home. I would recommend you contact Iphone and ask them as they may be able to provide you with a better answer. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.