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Do I pay off my previous tab right away?

Do I pay off my previous tab right away? I got my phone stolen on Canada day. The phone was an iphone5c. Having no choice I had to get a new one. I took the proper steps directed by Apple of how to wipe my stolen phone. It's basically a husk to the thief. I'm wondering if the tab I had with the other phone needs to be paid off right away. Or if I can let it continue to be paid off at my own place. I'm 18 years old living pay check to pay check. I just need to know if I should be worried of any surprise debts.

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I'm sorry to hear that. You can keep paying off the tab as regular until it's paid off in full. A lost or stolen phone doesn't force you to pay off the remaining tab.
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No surprise debt at all. As Goran said things just go on like normal until you finish your payments to Koodo. You can always keep going like this with monthly tab payments until the tab bucket gets lower, than pay it off in one sum and at that point your bill will be lower or you can upgrade to another new phone.
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In the meantime, make sure you report the phone as lost or stolen through the Koodo self serve website. Because your sim is still active, it can be used in another phone and you'd be responsible for the charges / overages. You still have to pay for your plan and tab even though you don't have your phone.

You can still use your plan on any unlocked and compatiable device you'd like. You can find many inexpensive options on Kijiji.

You'll need a new sim too.