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Do I need to top up every month?

Hi, I just setup an prepaid account for my mom who is a very light (we're talking 10-20 minutes /month) user and will take forever to use up the minute voucher that was just purchased.

I just topped up her account with a $25 500 minute voucher and it will obviously last very long based on her usage. However, do I need to put in money every month (or 90 days?) to top up her account in addition to her $15 base fee? or can she basically pay her $15 fee every month and top up only when she uses up her minutes?

Please let me know.



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As long as the $15 per month is kept rolling in, her minutes and data (paid for separately) will not expire.

Best deal is to use a credit card for automatic $15 top ups to cover the base fee, and earn a 10% credit, which can later be used to buy additional minutes when required.
Got it! Thanks!