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Do I have to switch to a tab large and a tab large plan when getting an iPhone 6s?

I have an iPhone 5s with Koodo, my plan is $30 and I have tab medium. Can I keep this plan and tab when switching to an iPhone 6s? I read somewhere that I have to have tab large and a tab large plan but I'd be paying almost twice as much each month. 

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You can keep your plan, Clarice. The Tab Large only means you will pay less up front, and more each month but you don't have to change plans to get any phone.
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You can buy the phone on Tab M. Some phones have a minimum plan size, though, so you might need to change your plan to a $35 one to meet that condition if required.

You should be able to choose your phone through self-serve, and see what is available to you, or go to a Koodo store and make your purchase.

Most devices can be purchased with an up front charge that is adjusted to match the tab, either small, medium or large and then the eligible plan minimum also adjusts. This is identified in the interactive new phone guide.
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If your plan is a grandfather plan like I have $35 for 1GB with unlimited talk and text nationalwide, it will be cheaper to buy a new unlocked phone from Apple.