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Do i have to change phone number when moving to other province?

I'm moving from St John, NB to Halifax, NS. Do i have to change my phone number? Can i change it online or i have to call Koodo service Are there any fee charged? Can i keep using current plan ($25/month, 100 local minutes and unlimited messaging)?

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You generally don't have to what with the Canada wide plans but you having a local calling plan you really want to if you don't want to get charged for calls. There is no fee if you're moving as the reason. This is th link for how to do it online: http://help.koodomobile.com/self-serve/using-self-serve/How-do-I-change-my-phone-number-in-Self-Serve
A Koodo representative would be the best person to reply to your question.  This is the first time which I signed up for Koodo and am not having much luck in getting my employee discount for the phone which I purchased.  Virgin mobile processed the employee discount for the same second phone which I purchased at the same time promptly for someone in the family.
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Not surprisingly, many folks from your old area code will no longer bother calling you if it now means long di$tance to them and you feel those calls are important.

You can keep your current NB number, and use a VoIP service to get a local number in NS and then forward your calls to your NB number at very reasonable rates.

You can also do it the other way around: port your NB number to VoIP and go with a new Koodo NS number.