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Do I have to break a contract if President's Choice doesn't honour its sale

Upgraded phone through President's Choice Mobile Shop December 18th - 2 year contract and the deal was to get 200000 PC Plus points. I have not received the 200000 PC Plus points Does this make the contract void?

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Hi Don,

No it does not. Your contract is for them to reduce the upfront cost of the phone you have received, the 200000 points would have been a "bonus". You should contact them for more information.  
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And you're sure the deal was for upgrades as well? Usually promos are for new activations. Not impossible, just make sure
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It could just be delayed... but I could be wrong. I used to work for Mobile Shop but the PC points collaboration promotions are a more recent offer I'm not familiar with.
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Don, download the PC Plus app, then go into The Mobile Shop you got the phone from. Ask the associate there to show how to file a missing points claim through the App. I had to do that for my phone and got my points within a week. There was a system error on PC Plus end that was preventing the points from going on accounts