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Discount question!

If I work at Real Canadian Superstore and have an unlocked iphone would that mean my discount would also combine together? I didn't see any special clause in the fine print saying as otherwise.

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Only one discount applies. If you're getting a 25% discount or 50% discount it cannot be added to the 10% (BYOD) no tab discount cannot be stacked with it. Point being 1 discount per account per subscriber. So if you're already getting an employee discount you won't be eligible for the no tab discount.
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It was originally stackable but they removed it a while ago because of abuse. It's one or the other now. In your case, then, I would take positive Tab (if you're at 0 or +) and use it to upgrade your phone when you need to. Which store do you work at?
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I'm pretty sure employees are not eligable to have a tab.