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Disconnection of service !!!

  • 7 August 2019
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I had set up billing arrangement (paying every week) for an outstanding bill.
Twice now I,ve been cut off service without any notice.Initially i had set up a pament plan to deal with outstanding bill ..there was NO mention i had to pay manually,thought it would automatically come off my pre-paid account.It wasn't till today that client care told me pre-paid with drawl was not set up thus my phone disconnected!
I need my phone ,I have clients that need to reach me at any time..Emergency situation.This disconnect of service without any notice is UNEXCEPTABLE !!!!

1 reply

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Was there any condition with the billing arrangement? did they have specific limit of what amount of the ongoing bill that you can have?

If emergency was the only thing that you need, you could try to get a prepaid phone. Booster minutes aren't expired.