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Didn't receive validation email and can't sign up for self serve

I received my new iphone SE today after ordering online. I had already received a Welcome email saying that a self serve account had already been set up for me but that a validation link had been sent to me and that would be needed to complete registration. However, I never received that email with the validation link. I checked my spam folder and it wasn't there either. Any help? Thanks!

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Hello Sean.

As Bernard suggest here : https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/i-cant-create-my-koodo-self-serve-account

Feel free to send us a private message via Facebook or a direct message via Twitter so we can look into this.

Sean - was your issue resolved?  I thought I had set up the account when I purchased the phone online.  Did you ever get your validation email?
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Joanne, are you having problems getting your e-mail as well? Did you end up solving it?
I resolved the problem after speaking with a customer service Rep. I had not realized that they gave me a temporary phone number and was using my previous number which was going to be ported over. The Rep had to resubmit the validation email as I never received it. I had received the other emails from them.