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Didn't pass the credit check-concerns about my personal info typed into the system

I am a new immigrant without a credit card. I was asked to provide my passport, address, email address and SIN letter. I was a bit uncomfortable but provided that info without realizing what consequences that could involve. I was denied the purchase of an iPhone SE 16 with a tab as a result of the credit check. Now I wonder if my personal info typed into the system is deleted or not. How can I be certain that my privacy is protected even after service denial?

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Well it's a legal thing to not retain such info. It's normal for such forms of ID being used to perform a credit check. I suppose that you can never be 100% certain about this, or anything in life in general, but really Koodo has little reason to break the law in this regard. Also if you try again in 6 months, you'll probably be able to qualify then, as long as you pay regularly on time.