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Data usage text alert on iphone 5s

I have received 2 consecutive text messages from Koodo within 2 hours of each other saying i have used 75% then 99% of my data but i have been on wifi the entire time, how is this possible

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Your phone will try to look for the best possible signal strengh. If your wi-fi router has occasional weaker signal your phone will jump onto koodo's network. Best way to avoid this is to turn data off your phone under settings.
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Chris, this option is only available on Android phones. iPhones don't have such thing. Sometimes I'm so far from my home internet that it won't load pages but it will still be connected to that network. So I don't think that may be the case here. Kristen, because the text messages and real-time usage is somehow a little delayed it may be that you've used data some time in the past and then received the text message when you were on wifi!
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Robert is right..there is a delay between usage and the text
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There is a way to track your data usage on iPhones. There is an app called "My data manager" you just set it up and it will give you up to date data tracking. I use it on my iPhone 6 and it works really well. Hope this helps.
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