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Data usage on Prepaid Koodo plan does not match what my iPhone says I've used

Hey everyone,

I have an iPhone 6s and have a 1GB booster add-on to my cell phone plan. It says I've used "1023.506  /  1024 MB" on Prepaid self-serve. On my iPhone's data usage tracking (which has been on ever since I've gotten my plan), it says I've used 973MB. Why is the data counter on my Koodo plan inaccurate (and thus costing me extra money)?

I have attached two photos. One photo is of the "Cellular Data Usage" for the "Current Period", and the photo after that is when the "Current Period" started (it is the same day my plan started).

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Hi Bob,

You should probably turn off Wi-fi Assist, it will use up more data when your connected to wireless. As for the counter, the Koodo counter is the one that is deemed accurate. Your number and Koodo's number is pretty close, it might of just been a miscalculation of your phone. 
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Phone data usage, on any phone, is meant to be a tool to help know approximately how much data is used. It's never 100% accurate. 
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One little thing to add that the other guys  inferred, Koodos data counter is always right. 
You should use your self serve app to better track. 🙂
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According to the "Nitty Gritty" section at
prepaid data usage is rounded up to the nearest 10 KB
My wife's phone says 100 MB used yet Koodo usage says over 500 MB. Seems fishy. Wifi assist is off.