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Data usage on iPhone 5s

I bought my iPhone 5s from Koodo on Friday and it's telling me that I've already used 95% of my data. I shut it off immediately but don't understand how I already could have used 500 mgb in just two days. I don't use my Apps, email, Facebook, etc. that excessively that it should already be almost used. I'm concerned because I don't want to go over, but for the amount of time I use it, the lady at the Koodo store thought I would be totally fine with 500 mgb per month. Please help!

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Your iphone might have been automatically updating/refreshing apps in the background. Go to settings>cellular>turn off apps you don't want to have access to data. 🙂
If you go into the Cellular settings, you will be able to see what applications have used mobile internet.
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iPhones are generally data hogs, but like what's been mentioned, iOS 7 introduced the feature to control which apps use your data, which is nice.