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Data usage measurement is horribly wrong, and service refused to look into the detail

My data usage in 2 hours, from 17:06 to 19:07 on June 9th, 2017, summed up to about 1399 MB, while I was not doing special activities.  My monthly data is 400 MB. MY regular daily usage is only 10  MB.  I called Koodo service, but I could not get any useful information back regarding how/why those data were used, such as downloading moving, music, or photos, or running any specific applications.  This is very disappointed. I hope Koodo technician take time to check my data usage. I declare that I was playing sports from 5:00, and then having dinner in a [b][i]restaurant. There is no way for me to use that much data during that period. 

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Koodo doesnt have information on what used your data as far as i know. You can look on your phone to see what apps used said data. By the sounds of it you had an update or a big download running in the background of your phone.
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You can check your phone's data usage stats. It doesnt reset on a monthly cycle for iPhone but if you use so little to begin with you should see a sudden spike in data use. Did your phone maybe download an update? It is possible that it was a glitch in Koodo's system if you're certain that it couldn't have been you but statistically speaking it's very unlikely. So I'd exhaust every option to see if your phone somehow did download something large in that time before pressing ahead with a glitch.
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If you have an Android device, you can go into the data usage stats and see exactly what app used a large amount of data.

I had a roque app drink 2GB of data in the background in one day in the past, so it's most likely an app.
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Now a days everything is so data hungry. Before you turn on your data please, please be sure that nothing is going on in the background. I think Cory learned his lesson hard way but not everybody has to get through such a bad experience. We can most of the time learn from someone else's mistakes or knowledge. 
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Jan Hope wrote:

Now a days everything is so data hungry. Before you turn on your data please, please be sure that...

It was no biggie for me, as I had a 5GB plan at the time. Others with little to no data may not be so lucky.