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Data usage incorrect

There is a charge of over 2 G of data on my account this afternoon that makes absolutely no sense

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You can log into your selfserve, and check the timing of the 2GB usage. Was it an update to your iphone, a download of an app? If you thought it didn't make sense, you also need to provide proof.

Can you also post here the reported usages in selfserve (delete all the personal information before posting)
Dinh wrote:

You can log into your selfserve, and check the timing of the 2GB usage. Was it an update to yo...

Posted below 4 weeks ago, please respond.  Please also see my new post, someone has incurred an extremely costly long distance call on my account that I certainly never made.
No I didn't download an app or do anything voluntarily to incur such massive usage.

I also don't understand why it's charging me for data usage while I am at home, in a full wifi environment, especially while I'm sleeping.
Why has this STILL not been answered?  As of now, 4 weeks old
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Sorry to hear that no one got back to you. Do you have WiFi assist disabled? It's a common reason for unexpected data usage as iphones have it on by default and will use cellular data anytime it feels that WiFi is weak. It's likely that a major download was updated or if you were streaming around that time period. Having said that, it is possible that there is a glitch. You can still send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter about this as well and you should hear back within 1-2 days about it. Let us know if not. To better track data usage on your phone you can either use the built in one and reset the data use monthly or you can download a third party app from the app store that tracks data better and you'll be able to see whst used the data and when to narrow down what happened.
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Hi Xolaryxis,

You said it was on Wifi all the time  (and the phone was resided with you ), then cellular data should have not been used at all. I don't think it was the case, otherwise you could go to any Apple stores and claim Apple did bad things to its customers.

Can you go to Settings --> Cellular --> Cellular Data and take a snapshot of the usage and post here? If you haven't reset anything, it will show app data usage cellular data over this period.

You could also contact Koodo directly as Goran mentioned.