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Data Usage in Both Canada & US

I switched from an Android phone to a new iPhone 6 in Dec 2015.  The Koodo shop in Markville Mall installed a new SIM card on the new phone.  I requested the old plan (no data)  to remain unchanged on the new phone.  She said nothing had changed.

When I received my last bill, I saw two data usage charge, $5 each.  One was incurred on the same day I activated my new iPhone.  That charge was the use of 3.67 MB of data.  The second one was for Data Usage US for 0.00 MB.  I did drive to the US on that date.  When I saw the charges, I checked the Cellular Data setting on my phone and it was off.  I also checked the WI-FI Assist setting and it was off, too.  I knew about data & roaming charges as I travel often.  I was very careful in setting data and roaming off.

Another similar charge has appeared in the current billing cycle.  It was again $5 for Data Usage US of 0.00 MB.  Again I checked the settings and Cellular Data and WI-FI Assist remained off.  I will be in the US for a while and I have chosen to live in resorts or hotels that have excellent WIFI.

My questions:

1.  How can I stop these data usage charges?  I have turned off Cellular Data and WIFI Assist.
2.  Could you revert those charges?  I have tried my best to use my phone only on WIFI.  I did not use voice or text on the phone.


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1) You can call in to get a data block added to your account, this will cost 2$ per month and block all data but still let MMS messages through.
2) The first charge was because the phone uses the data connection during the setup process between when it turns on and got connected to a wireless network. You can probably get that one reversed, just explain to the phone rep the situation. The US one, I'm not sure, they might they may not. You would have to call and find out, just remain calm and respectful even if it is not necessarily what you want to hear 😉

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Just slight correction to Mathieu's post. The data block ($2/month) will block all your data but you will still be able to send MMS or picture messages.

There are 4 separate session of data use on your account spanning 3 hours just after your visit to the Markville Koodo store. The US data use had 3 separate sessions. So somehow the phone was not fully turned off from a data perspective.  
Thank you Mathieu and Bernard for your prompt replies.  Your explanations sound right when I re-tracked what had happened.  The first charge was most likely caused by the new phone setup.  The more recent data usage in the US was likely caused by the "On" WIFI Assist setting, which is "off" now.  Data activities have stopped for four days now, as no new Data Usage US have been reported.  I will consider data block if any new data usage appears.  Thank you gentlemen for your help. 
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SKS wrote:

Thank you Mathieu and Bernard for your prompt replies.  Your explanations sound right when I...

Anytime! Enjoy the new phone 🙂