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Data usage error

  • 25 June 2019
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I received a text from Koodo saying that I'd used 50% of my 4096MB of data for the current billing period this morning. Twenty minutes later, I received another text saying that I had used 90% (I didn't even touch my phone in this time). I logged into self-serve and under "view usage" it shows that I've used 4021/4096MB (this number has gone up even after I turned my data off following the text indicating I'd used 90% of my data). When I click on "View details", it shows that I've only used 2,728.01 MB for this billing cycle. Something is clearly wrong and I don't know who to contact to fix this. I tried the "self-serve assistant" which was useless and can't find an email address for who to contact at Koodo. Suggestions?

3 replies

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You can use the assistant to schedule a callback to a number of your choosing, or contact Koodo through Facebook Message, or Twitter DM.
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You should also check your phone to learn which apps consumed data. The volume of data you describe sounds like an operating system update, which should be set to occur only when connected to Wi-Fi.
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Hi there! I double checked your account with a support person and they confirmed that there is an update delay of the data usage. If you see a discrepancy by the end of your billing cycle, then you can get back to us here and we'll make adjustments. In the meantime if you need more data, you'll be prompted by a text message when you reach 100% to which you can reply to purchase data top-ups. You also have the possibility to change your rate-plan in your self-serve free of charge, once per billing cycle, but keep in mind that the new data allotment will be prorated to the number of days left in your billing cycle. After you change your rate plan, it's recommended to power off your phone and then power it back on so to ensure a good connectivity to the network.