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Data usage

  • 12 December 2016
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I'm just wondering how long it actually takes to update data usage. It says I've only used 5 mbs but I'm not sure that's correct because I have been using my data quite a bit. I'm also wondering if I have to sign up for data usage text messages or if they're automatic. Thanks!

4 replies

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The data that you're sure you've been using, is it picture messages?  I ask because those don't use a billable amount of data.  The data chart in your phone's settings will say you're using data, but if you look on self-serve, you're not being billed for that data.
No I've been using facebook and Spotify!
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Ah ok.  Those definitely should be using up data.  Is it the data usage on the Self-Serve website that you think is incorrect?
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Did you only recently become a Koodo customer? Koodo zeroes out some data near the beginning of your term to avoid bill shock. Data meters in Self Serve are near instantaneous.