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Data top up

  • 26 August 2015
  • 3 replies

How come the $20 1GB data top up isn't available until I've used $50 in overage charges... Shouldn't this be the first option when I've used my limit. I also don't get notifications when I've used 100% of my data.

3 replies

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Your overages are based on your overage rate of $20/1GB. You can change your notification settings for usages in self-serve.
Given my plan my overage is 5c/MB. So question still stands, why am I given the top up option only after having exceeded the $50 initial limit.
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Oh, now it makes sense what you're asking. I assumed your overage rate was $20/GB because of how you presented things. Your overages are based on your overage rate. Koodo is nice enough to offer you that rate once you reached the $50 in overages. They don't have to at all. You're upset because they didn't offer you the rate from the beginning, well that's because you're not entitled to it. Simple as that. They didn't have to offer $20/GB once you reached the $50 limit but they are as a courtesy. Appreciate it rather than ask "well why wasn't it given to me the whole time?"