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Data, Text, and Voice Calls One Week in Mexico

  • 3 January 2020
  • 2 replies

Going to Mexico for a week. Would like text, voice and phone. It looks like I have 1000 min international LD add on. So then need to buy 12/day Easy Roam INTL.. I have Canada wide calling.

2 replies

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You already have Easy Roam enabled on your account.



Easy roam only charges you when you roam, so there is no disadvantage to having it enabled all the time.

With Easy roam you can use your phone like you normally do in Canada.  Read the fine print on the link above regarding some exceptions (like the long distance add-ons which is only for calls that originate in Canada)

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The 1000 minutes add-on is applicable for calls originated within Canada only. If you travel outside of Canada, normal international rate will apply.

As Dennis, if you have easyroam, you would be able to use your Canadian minutes as if you were in Canada.