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Data reset

my data resets today . I was told not until midnight. Besides being rude and no help customers service . Still no answer. It always resets on this date 24th every month

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Yes, at the end of the day. Your plan, according to your description, runs from the 25th of the month to the 24th.
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Why you need Customer Service to tell you when your data resets. You probably have a lot of time to waste. There are so many folks here willing to give you all the answers you need. Actually you gave answer to yourself. It always resets at 24th (in your case) every month at midnight.
Actually my time is valuable so I don't have time to waste. it always reset on the 24th but not this time so I asked customer service for a simple answer and got charged $25.00...go figure. Been a customer over 10 years and have 3 phones with Koodo maybe time to change... Thanks anyway